Thursday, August 26, 2010

Optimist Records: "Heartthrob High" by Heartthrobz

Heartthrobz is meant for big speakers and bigger subwoofers. Heartthrob High, Optimist Records second release, is meant for the sweatiest dancefloors and the most unapologetic dancers. The FREE EP features fat beats, sharp synths, and anthemic choruses featuring lyrics like “Close your eyes/open your thighs/cuz now it’s time to Disco-Tize.” The opening track “Disco-Tize” is basically the EP’s mission statement: sexy, dancey fun. The title track is hilarious and at the same time just right to get a party started. “Sex on the Dancefloor” needs no explanation. When you’re listening on headphones and the funky bass line kicks in on the EP closer “WHAT’Z HER FACE?” you know you’re just a little cooler than everyone who’s walking past you – the song’s chorus will make you raise your arms in revelation. Download the unrelentingly fun EP for free HERE – the songs have to be downloaded separately.