Friday, October 2, 2009

Music: Suckers

Suckers is a four-piece band from Brooklyn. Yes, it seems like every week there’s a hot new band out of Brooklyn, but these guys are different. They often draw comparisons to several bands, including Yeasayer, which in many ways is fair because Yeasayer guitarist Anand Wilder produced the Suckers EP, but at the same time they have a sound that is their own.

Their debut EP, out now, features tribal drums, whistling, and choruses that are epic yet catchy. Standout track “It Gets Your Body Movin’” is a beautiful earworm that forces you to sing the chorus more often than you would expect after first listen. The EP features everything from the basics of guitars, drums, and synths to crescendos of horns, piano, and layers of the human voice. This is a band who is not necessarily redefining anything, but instead takes what they know and makes it layered and grand, leaving the listener wanting to hear an album’s worth of material. The band has just started a nationwide tour that will carry them to the end of the month. Guitarist/vocalist Austin Fisher of Suckers was nice enough to answer some questions for our readers:

Have you seen, heard, or read anything that you would like to recommend to our readers (film, art, music, literature)?

These are all things that I've recommended to myself, and so I'll recommend to your readers, too:

FILM: I want to see "The Informant!".

ART: I want to check out Abstract Abstract at Foxy Production, and also Robert Frank: The Americans at the Met.

MUSIC: I'm excited to hear the new Bear In Heaven record.

LITERATURE: The next book I'm going to read is Balthazar by Lawrence Durrell, having finished Justine.

Have you started working on your debut LP? If so, how's it going?

Yes, we've been writing songs for our debut LP. It's going pretty well. No one has lost an eye and we have at least one and a half songs written.

What is the songwriting process like?

Generally, we meet up in our rehearsal space start messing around, lots of times jokingly, and then if we hit on something we like, we'll try to develop it into a song. We work fairly quickly, and democratically.

What else are you guys up to?

I'm just trying to sleep as much as possible before we go on tour.

Anything you're specifically looking forward to on your tour?

I'm looking forward to seeing friends in other cities that I haven't hung out with in a while, and wandering around in Austin, Texas for a few days.


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